Science of Water

We are curious beings so it’s easy for any age to grasp how their body works in water. This is how develop trust of the water that breaks the boundary of a pool and transfers into a lifetime of natural water awareness. 

Swim Skills

It’s essential to learn the power we can wield in water and use those skills to navigate the science and unpredictability we know will exist. Confidence progresses in our program by applying these skills to all situations, not just getting from A to B.

Water is Unpredictable

Respecting that water is not static like most swimming pools but moving. How can we expect a child or adult to apply swim skills taught in a predictable setting to be applied in a unpredictable setting? We simulate rip tides, waves, rivers and use our imaginations to create reactions that bridge the gap from pool to open water.

Water Heals

We are made up of water, it covers 70% of our earth. Our bodies react to water in ways we cannot experience anywhere else. We emphasize how calming water can be and how we can use it to heal ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically.