Bridging the gap between the pool and open water.


A Passion for Water and Community

Swim4Life features a unique swimming curriculum that bridges the gap between the predictable pool setting and open water application. We utilize a core knowledge of stroke technique and water dynamics and integrate it with the beneficial healing properties of water. We meshed experience with national and international trends to develop a comprehensive facility bringing all that water has to offer at any age or stage. Our passion came alive in a survival swim program that serves our local community and teaches a love of water for life!



Courtney McLaurin, Owner

Courtney grew up at the pool and competed from age 5. When she fell out of a raft into a rapids, got wiped out by a wave or found herself in open water triathlon swims she was out of her comfort zone. Discovering how many teens and adults drown who have similar backgrounds she was inspired to create a swim curriculum that bridged the gap between the predictable pool setting to open water application.

“When I was flailing in the waves my beautiful butterfly or amazing streamline didn’t help me. I had a false sense of security.”

As an Orca trainer, Competitive Coach, Stroke Technique Coach and Aquatic Therapist she has meshed experience, international and national trends to develop a comprehensive facility bringing all water has to offer at any age or stage.


Our Facility

Imagine a spa with a pool in the middle and you will begin to embrace our facility. Our 13’x17’, 4 feet deep pool has a soft bottom. The small size allows for individual attention and safety. Although we keep the water 90-92 degrees we have the ability to adjust it. The current provides levels of learning, therapy and application that we capitalize on so you can get an individualized experience. Towels are provided along with toxin free products to use in our beautifully decorated bathrooms and shower. We want you to feel peace when you enter and rejuvenated when you leave!